“Straight ahead… nobody can go very far…”.
The Little Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As a result of a complex process, each design has its own origin and conceptual background. This process is the integration of the functional, technical and aesthetic aspects; finding in the language of the structure, the meaning of form.

We are continually working on new designs, using models, digital models and full-scale prototypes to ensure that the products were tested in all of its aspects.

We are looking not only to create a style, but to capture in each product its own personality which it is influenced by literature, music, painting, film and architecture.



The realization of the design process is not a subsequent choice of material, yet the material properties and expressiveness becomes part of the design a simultaneous process

Naturally, the design and production encompass a constant experimentation with new materials and processes; however, in order to involve stakeholders in the composition and quality of the products, we describe the most commonly used materials and finishes.


Timber, sawn or solid is extracted from the tree trunk and takes very simple transformation process; therefore, its structure and composition has very few changes from the raw material. Their characteristics depend on the type and origin of the tree.

Natural veneers.

Natural veneer sheets are taken directly from the tree, leading complex transformation processes and to be placed on MDF or plywood give the appearance of solid wood. Like wood, its appearance and properties depend on the type and origin of the tree which were extracted.

Pre composed veneers.

The pre composed plates we use are imported and the raw material is italian poplar or obeche. They go through a process of inking and molded which allows to get similar appearance to natural veneers with dimensions and uniform grain.


Medium Density Fiberboard; is a board made ​​of wood fibers bonded by adhesives. It is uniform and has higher density on the surface, which allows lower absorption of inks and solvents; that make it ideal to obtain uniform surfaces with any color lacquer. Due to their properties and dimensions facilitates the production with complex shapes.


Known in Spanish as “triplay”, plywood is a board made ​​from thin sheets of wood placed transversely upon one another together with synthetic resins under high pressure and heat. This process improves the stability with respect to the solid wood. The appearance of plywood, both on the surface and edges depends on the tree types used.

Carbon steel with electrostatic painting.

Products made of carbon steel are coated with electrostatic paint, which is applied in powder, is introduced into a curing oven and is applied with electrostatic guns. Is more resistant than conventional paint.

Stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a steel alloy whose properties permit high corrosion resistance; requires low maintenance and has high durability. All this coupled with its great aesthetic qualities.

Polyurethane varnish.

All our products made ​​from wood have polyurethane finish; wich is a high strength vanish composite that ensures the quality and length of finish.



The workforce has been carefully selected and tested in workshops and plants where high-tech machinery and craftsmanship are combined. This allows producing complex designs where part of the production requires courts and industrial processes, and other skilled labor.



In order to ensure the good conditions and life of the product, at time of delivery will give a form with the required specific care.



Each piece is individually supervised in factories and plants; we take care of every detail of the production; that is why signature and serial number are engraved on each stainless steel piece, which guarantees the quality and authenticity.

At the time of delivery a receipt is provided with the relation between the product and serial number.



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3. Approximate delivery times: 4-6 weeks.



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The items are made at time of order and some of the materials used are imported. Delivery times vary from 4-6 weeks depending on the availability of materials and the workload in the workshops. However, at time of order we will indicate the delivery date.



Prices include shipping within the Distrito Federal. For deliveries to the metropolitan area and the rest of Mexico, please request quote and we will send it.



1. Because the items are made to order no refunds are accepted.
2. Warranty against manufacturing defects is six months from the date of delivery. This warranty does not cover misuse of the item or the wear and tear of everyday use.
3. In case of damage of the pieces by misuse or accident, the cost of repair will be covered by the customer.



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