The Studio



Founded in 2012 by Sofia Chapa Ibargüengoitia, MX URBANO is a studio dedicated to create high-design products.

MX URBANO team is comprised of professionals and technicians specialized on each area in order to meet the highest standards of quality in terms of production and design of our pieces. We are a social responsible team who worries about the environment, as well as social and cultural issues.

We believe in the fair value of work and that is why we encourage the recognition and growth of everyone involved in the design, development and production of each of our pieces.

Because of the need to counter the negative effects that excessive consumerism has had on our environment we manufacture products with high quality materials and skilled labor to ensure the long life and the lowest possible cost of maintenance.

The cultural value of the objects within a society has prompted us to be inspired by the new conditions of Mexico City: a fusion of traditional “barrio” life and a global city.

Through the rediscovery of past aesthetic values and interpretation of the new ones, we seek to create pieces that embody these new conditions.